Re: Fdm1 #elad #fdm-s2

Edward Hammond

I am putting all my "utilities" type monitoring (WSPR, HFDL, etc) on inexpensive SDRs hooked up to (Debian) single board computers that I can monitor through a web interface.

This leaves my FDM-SW2 and, in the future, hopefully an S3 and TMate as my primary "listening for pleasure", "audio DX", and "just mucking around" machines.  (All of this financed by selling the NRD-545.)

I would love to have nice (i.e. elegant, clean) software to operate the Elad SDR(s) on a MacOS. It's my personal "native operating system", since its early 1980s(!) predecessors, and it would be a great pleasure.

I have grown to hate mucking around with Win 7 and 10, and would like nothing more than to dump a couple of old PC boat anchors at the electronics recycling!

Edward Hammond

On 7/1/20 4:37 AM, Antony Watts via wrote:
How simple it would be if we could persuade ELAD to make a Mac OS version of FDM-SW2. Is there interest out there?


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