Re: Elad DUO-R - AC/DC and RFI Noise Advice


Hello, Vince, If you are using an indoor antenna (becoming more of a necessity these days.) I would strongly advise checking out your refrigerator, particularly if it is one of these  microprocessor, temperature controlled types. I was plagued with a recurring noise and traced it to the ‘fridge.
Fortunately a simple “cure” with a couple of clip-on ferrites on the power lead, as close as possible to the cabinet, or maybe a few turns through a toroid would suffice.  Good luck
Clifford ZL3KK

From: Vince Hanning
Sent: Tuesday, June 30, 2020 2:17 AM
Subject: [EladSDR] Elad DUO-R - AC/DC and RFI Noise Advice
Hi all,
Newbie question for you.
What balun/ferrite setup would you recommend to help with noise, inc antenna, power supply ac/dc and pc/laptop?
The antenna is an AOR LA400 used indoors.
Thanks in advance.

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