Re: FDM-DUO overload issues

Steve Knell

I see - that QSF-06 - looks interesting.  However, I particularly notice a problem on 40M CW contests.  If there is a very strong CW station in the contest, I can hear that station as a low level sqwuak across the entire band.  So, if in band signals are causing the problem, then band pass filters won't help, will they?  Or is the overload due to the accumulation of signals across all frequencies, so the overload threshold on 40M would go up if I had the bandpass filter unit installed?

I also heard music playing while I was operating FT4 on 20M yesterday.  I thought it was someone intentionally blocking 14.080 and then I realised it was overload - the tree surgeons have been round and my antenna is 10 feet higher now and signals are stronger.

I do have Wrotham BBC Radio 4 tx nearby, but that is all 100MHz and above and I've never had an issue on 6M...

I guess this is the reason that SDR radios like the IC-7610 have those 'Digi-SEL' units..?

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