Re: FDM-DUO overload issues

Clint Chron

Hi Steve,


There are several recent forum posts about receiver overload on the Elad Duo and S2 radios.   Can you provide some details on what kind of signals are causing the overload?  Typical sources could be:


Nearby high power AM broadcast stations

Nearby high power shortwave broadcast stations

Nearby high power FM broadcast stations

Nearby ham stations on the same band or adjacent bands.


Using a magnetic loop antenna such as the Wellbrook and W6LVP units will not help the overload.  I have both loops.  They are great for reducing E field noise.






From: [] On Behalf Of Steve Knell
Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2020 9:57 AM
Subject: [EladSDR] FDM-DUO overload issues


Hi All,

I've been suffering with overload of my FDM-DUO (I recently got my doublet antenna up a bit higher).  I used to get overload only on 80/40 but now I'm getting it on 20M as well.  I can switch in the ATT but I don't really want to sacrifice too much sensitivity on 20M.  I understand that the rx only version has the option of a pre-selector.  Is it likely that there will be an outboard version of this for the FDM-DUO?


I was wondering if a Welbrook loop is the answer as I believe that has reasonable sensitivity up to 14MHz and beyond?  But due to the wide bandwidth high gain LNA in the Welbrook device the overload issue would be just the same, right?  It won't magically give me more dynamic range in the receiver...  Any suggestions or tips, please?

I've been trying to avoid buying a more expensive radio, but maybe that's the only realistic solution.


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