Re: Is the Duo a worthy SOTA or POTA rig?

Vianney Colombat

I don't know where the misunderstanding with Simon was but we didn't block any functionalities. I will contact him.



Il 21/05/2020 09:22, mike bayard via ha scritto:
The fdm duo would be a better rig if elad would allow others sdr software to use the tx functionality. Elad has by blocking the use of 3rd party sdr software has given me a bad taste but what do you expect from a entry level rig ? Sdr console's recever quality is much better and so is hdsdr but having the tx blocked by elad makes them useless 

On Wed, May 20, 2020 at 6:35 PM, Marc Pilotte
Bill: The FDM-DUO Blows away the KX2. The receiver is FAR superior. A friend who has the DUO compared in a “ shoot-out “ w/the KX2. Portability? SUPER! It will run on 9.5 -
16.0 vdc. The RX works SUPER on CW. It will copy code AND filter down to 100 Hz with Ø
ringing. At 100 Hz it has 4 pre-set filter positions. You can run up to 8 w. The final transistors are 30w ea., and run in push/pull. It also has 3 modes of keeping the finals cool. Massive heat sink on final transistors. Fan that runs 100% of the time 
( tiny.. but POWERFUL! ) And the heat sink under the finals dissipate heat. I can’t remember what the material it is, but it absorbs heat. 
All in all..the FDM-DUO is just as good as it gets. I love mine! Her it is w/the ART-120 amp + 15w ( RMS ) spkr w/built in equalizer.
Questions? Just give me a call. I’ve assisted at 6 Dayton Hamventions, 4 Huntsville Hamfests, and 5 Orlando HAMCATIONS. I work w/Franco.. the CEO of ELAD. I’m not a paid employee, but a highly-underpaid volunteer. I believe in ELAD.
Give me a call at 1.404.229.3365 whenever you have a question. I don’t know everything.. but I believe I can assist you. 
Please do not get the KX2. You’ll be disappointed. I’m not knocking ELECRAFT, as I own a K3, and have won 2- plaques for the GA QSO PARTY. 2018 + this year. 
SSB/Single Operator/<150w
I’m retired, 72.5, been licensed since 1969..continuously w/dirtybrowndawg!

On Wed, May 20, 2020 at 12:49 PM Bill Alpert <billalpert@...> wrote:
I'm looking to upgrade my "outdoor" radio, and wondering if you'd consider using a DUO out on the trail. I'm very happy with my S2 receiver and wondering if I should get a Duo instead of the more popular Elecraft KX2 or even much more economical Xiegu G90 20W SDR. Is the Duo rugged enough outside the shack, and is the display big/bright enough for outdoor use? Would love to hear your experiences.
73 de Bill / KG6NRV

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