Re: Using SPF-08 with Elad Duo or S2

Otso Ylönen


Motivated by this topic I have now couple of SFE boards to play with. The first project is to make a bandpass filter for the OIRT FM band (65-74 MHz). I actually have the filter already and I will now put it on the board so that I can let SW2 to select it based on the configuration on the External HW Settings.

I am now wondering if I can somehow instruct SW2 to bypass the FDM-S2 internal preselector when (and only when) I am on the OIRT band? I do not see such an option on the External HW Settings. If I select the Bypass Mode from Advanced Settings, the preselector will not be on on any frequency band, regardless of what I do on the External HW settings, right?

Should there not be a Bypass tick box for each row you configure on the External HW Settings?

BR, Otso

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