Re: NPR and Dynamic Range question

Zacharias Liangas

>Are you saying you turned off the AGC and used it without any attenuation?
Just think that my ICOM R75 never overloads . this is a term of high dynamic range or NPR  .
If supposedly Airspy has a dynamic range of 110db BDR  as stated in its web  page , 10 db more than mine's ICOM R75 , simple logic advises Youself's numbers are wrong . Unless my philosophy is old fashioned
I don't know what happens to the ELADS2/FDM  in such cases.
As in example the 50 m band on mid nights (18z) is flooded with 6 powerhouses of -45 dbm signals on SDRconsole  or -15dbFS as stated in Sharp hat cause the overloading . I  live in Thessaloniki

>The Airspy is good for a relatively cheap SDR but it has it's limits.
In practice Airspy performs  as my stadalone radios , much better  than the RSP1a in the lower bands

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