RE : [EladSDR] elad duo wsjtx and new windows 10 pc i5, 8gb ram dell

Alain Reiner

Hello Ian, the group,


You address several questions.

  1. The usb resources. I’ve got that problem too. I solved it using an external USB hub. But you have to find one that is HF resistant, specifically to the 7 MHz. I found the Atolla USB 3.0 hub with 4 USB ports and 1 smartcharging port and the aluminium case. I use 3 ports for the DUO and the 4th to command my PA.

  1. To have a good CAT dialog, you must chose “ELAD FDM DUO” within the wsjt-x settings, and not Kenwood TS-480. Otherwise, no stable TX…
  2. Sound cards : for TXing I use the DUO sound card FDM-DUO Audio V1.04. For receiving, I use the FDM-SW2 software and a  Virtual Audio Cable. But I’m sure you could use the audio of the DUO sound card FDM-DUO Audio V1.04 in the stand alone mode. Don’t forget to turn the bandwidth to 50-4000 Hz. Using the FDM-SW2, for the digital modes I use RX1 and for SSB RX2, RX3, RX4.
  3. Sound cards bis : I set all the sound cards at 48 KHz sampling and 16 bits. You don’t need any stereo mixer. Take care to disable any sound enhancement. You should not need stereo. If you cannot select mono, the “mono” channel is the left one.


I could give more detailed settings, if required. Let me know. I’m an addict to digital modes, and I’m using the DUO for all of them. I still have to start with SSTV. For digital no wsjt-x, I use HRD + DM780. With HRD you have to use the Kenwood TS-480 emulation as there is no Elad FDM duo choice. It’s well working.


Let me know if you need more detailed info.


Best 73’s, Alain F4HFS



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Objet :[EladSDR] elad duo wsjtx and new windows 10 pc i5, 8gb ram dell


I have tried everything to get my elad Duo to play with wsjtx.
I have been at this for a number of days now, and have it receiving sometimes, but no TX.
previously used on windows 7 no bother.
can I please have some pointers as to what to try
I am being haunted by stereo mix, whatever that is, but when I add audio in as line fdm duo,,it doesn't like it
I also am getting a not enough resources on usb.,,think ive had that before but my memory and technical skills are slow to non exist



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