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Richard Langley

Back in February, Radio Öömrang used DRM for one of its annual transmissions to North America using a transmitter at Issoudun in France. It was well received on the east coast. Sometimes Radio Romania International and other broadcasters using DRM can be heard here. And WINB uses DRM pretty well daily.

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We ae looking at incorporating the latest DRM codecs into SW2, but we have to work with Fraunhofer to get the right codecs, it’s not a simple plug and play unfortunately
And at the moment over here is the USA, DRM is still hardly used, only Radio Marti is only “testing” at the moment, and that’s about it.

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Subject: [EladSDR] DRM #fdm-sw2

Regarding DRM reception , as most users knoe there are new DRM modes coming up for AM - FM
India - China - USA? I would be willing to pay for the latest decoder ( all modes ) to be incorporated in SW2 ..
perhaps there will an option to come when the Duo X go into production ( I hope )
Catching DX DRM from far of europe would in what ever DRM mode be a bonus..
More power to Elad if this happens ..this one radio never to be parted with.. ( FDM-Duo)
It still amazes me on it's capabilities.. DRM hunter looking to the future..

Everyone stay safe ...see you all on the other side...of this ...

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