Re: Elad Update and SW2 goodies

Ted Pater

Tested ver 3.033 FDM-SW2 with T-Mate2 controller on WIN10Pro-64 in the dual channels mode.
Second channel on the dual monitor setup looks very impressive, listening to the different bands the same time.
Don't like:
1. T-Mate2 controls only  Ch1 radio.  
2. Radio RX4 on Ch2 has no audio
2. I use the Griffin Power Mate USB knob to control the PC audio. It only works if I click on the desktop,  outside the opened FDM-SW2 program /focus change?/.  If the program window is maximized, there is no open space on the desktop to clock, and the Griffin knob is useless.  This does not happen with the other SDR software I use. 


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