Re: DRM #fdm-sw2

Chris Mackerell

Yes, that's true, but if you want one in your own shack as a DRM
receiver you have to buy one :-)

There are a couple of KiwiSDRs in India run by TWR. Check the
list at

Since went "ham only" it's not so up-to-date.

Cheers, Chris

On 2020-04-23 15:57, Ted Pater wrote:
Hi Chris,
I was listening to a couple of the DRM stations without buying the Kiwi radio.
I logged to the website hosting the kiwi sdr radios and got a good reception from Radio Kuwait on 15110kHz , Radio France on 3965kHz and Radio Romania in german. There are many Chinese and Indian stations but I did not found any local Kiwi ham radio server to connect.
Chris Mackerell, Sandy Bay-Marahau Road, Marahau
RD 2, Motueka 7197, New Zealand

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