Re: SDR Consol 3.0.22 now available for Elad FDM Duo #fdm-duo #eladduo

Neil Smith G4DBN

Seems to work, just need to sort out transverter offsets and transmit sync. Nice that is does up to 999GHz, but I can't find where to create a transverter offset with a DUO. Really it needs a table like in SW2 where you could set it so when you select 10368.200 MHz as the tuning frequency, it automatically sets the offset from a table to 10340.000MHz, and same for all the other bands.  I think there is an offset setting for RTL dongles, so it probably just needs a bit more coding to be added.

Haven't worked out how to get it to transmit CW on the correct frequency, I guess it isn't locked to the standalone, so transmit is wherever the standalone tuning is, rather than where the program is receiving.  Can't find how to mute it on CW TX either. Guess that will need some extra coding.  Also it changed my TXOUT to the 5 watt PA instead of the 0dBm, not sure why it changed that, or what else it has changed. Must be some settings I haven't found yet.

Anyway, early days, but it certainly works on receive. The image is actually the rainscatter signal on 10GHz from GB3PKT in JO01 as received here in IO93

Neil G4DBN

On 12/04/2020 22:17, Neil Coley wrote:
I’m on BUT radio and console are not talking to each other!!

Vfo on radio adjusts spectrum on console but each showing different frequencies

I’ll have another go tomorrow but any pointers welcome 


On 12 Apr 2020, at 19:45, F0ECM <st140@...> wrote:

Good morning all,

Elad FDM Duo / Duo R now works with the new SDR Consol v3.0.22 version.


73, Eric F0ECM

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