Re: Elad Update and SW2 goodies

Neil Smith G4DBN

Solved the flicker issue, I had somehow selected averaging of 4 on the waterfall.  It was the same when I went back to 3.031. I have now set the refresh rate of my monitor to 59Hz and the screen update in SW2 to 57ms, so there can't be any common factors to cause flicker. It is good and smooth again.

I've reinstalled 3.033 and it is working OK apart from two bugs which I need to investigate further.  It throws a "too large" exception error when it is trying to save an amended memory file with frequencies in the 10GHz band. 

Also it fails to load the memories at startup, probably for the same reason.

I'll investigate more closely when I have some time, but it is nice to have the real frequency displayed now when I'm on SHF bands.  This is the wind farm doppler reflections of GB3FNY, about 20km from here.  I can fix the problem for now by going back to using 368,751 as the frequency (booo!).  I'll raise a proper ticket later. Have to be up early.

Neil G4DBN

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