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Otso Ylönen

I also have such small-pixeled displays, that my preference is driven by readabolity rather than aesthetics. Therefore also my ask about the increase for display of the playback time.
BTW, on my screen, the playback time is shown  with a 24-hour display. I suppose SW2 uses the system default.
BR, Otso
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Re the larger frequency display, it stands out much better on Hd/4K displays, the older smaller display was a little more difficult to read at 4K, it’s the same font just slightly larger, not by much. 

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Just loaded 3.033.


1. I believe someone already reported that when playing back the filename doesn’t change when the file number increments. That’s enough of a problem to revert back to an earlier version for me.

2. The larger frequency display is ugly. Is there any way to change it back or have an option to select the size. I can live with this.

3. The play, record button and filename/time colors look good. Nice improvement.

4. The “Created on:” after the filename is not needed for two reasons. If you copy your wav files to larger drives and then back for listening, the “Created on:” date shows when you copied the file not the original recording date. The original recording date is already shown to the right of that in the UTC date and time. I don’t see any reason for “Created on:” date and time.

5. Which brings up something that puzzles me, why display UTC in AM or PM? A 24 hour clock would be so much more useful IMHO. Maybe it’s because I DX FM and not so much MW or SW but to me 24 hour would be much better.

6. The Recorder/Player Tab does look neater. I would love to know who uses the “Player: Apply recorded File Settings when playing file” option. When I check it and play a sequence of recordings, when the file increments the frequency changes to what I assume was the frequency that I was tuned to when the recording was created. I think I even reported this as a bug years ago and was told this is working as designed. I’d still love to know what someone would do with that?





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Hey All,


So just a little update, at my last conversation, everyone at the factory in Italy is doing OK, No infections, but that can change daily, but so far so good. Everyone is at home

Franco was at the factory for a while, but now EVERYONE is working from home.


Not sure if you had seen but there is a new Test version of SW2 (3.033) in the Undertest folder, I’ve found it very stable and it has some nice changes, the Frequency Display is slightly larger

And a request we had at Dayton 2 years ago has made it in, the panel behind the volume controls is now highlighted with the matching RX color, so it is easy to see at a glance which volume

Control needs to be used for the active RX. This needs to be turned on in the SET menu under graphics, and you can set the opacity in the color page





This is at 50% on RX1






Set the 3 check boxes to apply then if you want is more opaque the click on edit color settings


Here are the latest changes to SW2 and this is available under


--> Version 3.033 / March 24, 2020

  - enlarged frequency viewing

  - added the possibility to press Enter to start the FDM-SW2 when the FDM

    devices selection window appears

  - added in the Graphics tab of the Setup window some options to:

    - 1. highlight the selected receiver in the volumes panel: the volumes

      of the selected receiver are colored with the color of the receiver, it is

      possible to change the transparency of the color using the

      "Color Settings" window

    - 2. color the step value with the color of the selected receiver

    - 3. color the mode, the band filter and the AGC with the color of the

      selected receiver

  - changed the color management on the Advanced Tuning window:

    - 1. if "Local Oscillator" (center frequency of the spectrum) is chosen, the

      color remains the default one

    - 2. if you select "Selected Receiver" (selected receiver frequency) the

      color becomes that of the selected receiver

  - recorder/player:

    - 1. modified the graphic part of the recorder/player especially for as

      regards the colors, the aim is to better highlight the different cases:

      turned off, recording scheduled, recording in progress and playing in


    - 2. added the following keyboard shortcuts:

      - CTRL+L for LOOP PLAY

      - CTRL+R for RECORD

      - CTRL+P for PLAY and PAUSE

      - CTRL+S for STOP

    - 3. fixed the window for entering the name of the recording so that it is

      easier to start recording

    - 4. fixed the Recording Scheduler window and the Recording tab of the

      Setup window so that the controls are clearer

  - added support for CWR mode for Omnirig

  - fixed issue on the CAT 0xF7 TRANSCEIVER STATUS command (inverted again the

    status in the answer), added the possibility in the Setup window to invert

    the answer state of this command (this is for compatibility with some

    proprietary software)

  - fixed issue that set the focus incorrectly after having set the frequency

    with the keyboard (digits + entere key)

  - FDM-DUO:

    - 1. fixed some minor errors in macro creation

    - 2. fixed problem when closing the Stand-Alone panel

    - 3. fixed the fact that after starting the software, and activating the

      transmission on a virtual receiver the input options for transmission were

      set to software defaults (KEY and MIC), now the software reads the value                           

      set on the FDM-DUO (the AUTO choice for the TX IN menu of the FDM-DUO,

      menu 32, is not yet supported)


--> Version 3.032 / February 21, 2020

  - OmniRig management:

    - corrected issue in reading the frequency

    - fixed some issues on rig2 management

    - optimized general management of OmniRig

    - removed LockToCF on RX1 and Lock ABS on RX2

  - continued extension of the supported frequency range, including at graphic

    level for frequency display

  - added the possibility to delete a frequency digit with the backspace key

    of the keyboard typing a frequency

  - added shortcut to Lock ABS with the letter O on the keyboard

  - updated quick start window

  - modified the Advanced Tuning window, removed some features with malfunction

  - improved closing management of the software

  - updated the dll for the FDM-S3 (file ExtIOmc_ELAD_FDMS3_v0_22_0_2.dll)

  - slightly revised the graphics of the setup window

 - TMate2 management:

    - corrected an issue in saving the settings

    - lowered the default value of the LCD refresh time (100ms)

    - added the possibility in the setup window to choose presets as regards

      the management of the main knob


--> Version 3.031 / January 16, 2020 (alpha version)

  - extended to channel 2 the fix of startup crash due Hz/kHz setting


--> Version 3.030 / November 28, 2019 (alpha version)

  - start of TMmini management

  - fixed startup crash due to Hz/kHz setting


--> Version 3.029 / August 1, 2019 (alpha version)

  - updated the dll for the FDM-S3 (file ExtIOmc_ELAD_FDMS3.dll v0.21)

  - fixed an issue in the visualization of the current configuration near the

    serial number of the connected FDM device


--> Version 3.028 / April 24, 2019 (alpha version)

  - started extension of the supported frequency range




Have a Radiolutionary Day!


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