Re: How do you like your pre-selector? #fdm-duo #pre-selector


Paul, dear friends,

I am surprised that the unmounted B3 filter cards from Franco are so poorly utilized and perceived by customers as mysterious or impractical.
I gladly share my own component values and design methods. I have two custom HF cards for the 60 meter and 49 meter broadcast bands that fit nicely in the original card slots of my DUOr. My 60 meter card  "works" while the 49 meter card is "pretty good" in my own terminology. :-)

I'm not on top of the situation when it comes to the other types of cards from ELAD, but regarding the B3, I am able to be very specific.
For illustration, I'm providing a list of my own embedded DUOr cards.

Position              4  FBP80-1          3.150.000             4.150.000
Position              5  Custom 60 meter  4.700.000             5.200.000

Position              6  Custom 49 meter  5.700.000             6.200.000

Position              7  FBP13/21        13.600.000            21.500.000

Position              8  FBP21/35        21.500.000            35.000.000

Position              9  FHP1M7-1         1.700.000            54.000.000

Position              10 FBPY(BYPASS)     0                     1.700.000

All the best!
Anders H.

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