Test version 3.033

Otso Ylönen

There are nice improvements in the latest beta 3.033. I really like the bigger font on the frequency display. Also, the colours in the Advanced Tuning and Playback areas make things clearer.
There seems to be a bug in the name of the file being played back: it only shows the initial file from which the playback was started (typically, xxxxx_RF_000.wav).
On the font size: I would really appreciate a larger font also for the playback time in the lower right corner of the playback area. Obviously the space is limited, but when going through IQ files, playback time is something the user has to look at a lot. On hi-res laptops, the current font is really small! A sketch with larger font attached. Actually, it would be enough for me if only the UTC time (i.e. not the date nor the loction within the file) would be displayed on a larger font.
BR, Otso

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