Re: How do you like your pre-selector? #fdm-duo #pre-selector

Clint Chron

Hi Paul,


This is a test to see if JPG pictures come through in an email on the site.


Here is a spectrum display of the AM broadcast band at my QTH in Phoenix, AZ.



I get ADC overload on my Duo radio, even though there are no signals that are stronger than -10 dbm.


Here is the same spectrum using an AM band stop band (reject) notch filter:


ADC overload is gone.  Using this band stop filter, I can listen to beacon signals in the 200 – 500 Khz band.


If the pictures do not come through, then please send me your email address and I can send them to you.






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I have requested a few months ago new filters to also cover the main broadcast bands that swl users can make use of. 


Also a dedicated am 520-1800 notch filter


Paul EladUSA 

On Mar 19, 2020, at 06:07, Paul White <paul@...> wrote:

Hi, Clint
Isn't it a little disappointing that the available filters are designed for the amateur bands only?
I wouldn't have the skills to build on the unpopulated boards.

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