Re: ELAD Remote

Michael Boudreaux

Great idea for a special Interest Group! I have put together a very Rudimentary system. Count me In! Mike VK3XZ

On 10/03/2020 01:54, Patrick Bouldin KM5L wrote:
+1 Patrick KM5L - tracking this.
I too am very interested. I'm looking for some remote property now, about an hour east of here to put up some antennae and do remote. Love the DUO but want to fully test remote capability here first, and something VERY reliable, if done right. Some on here have said the DUO isn't ready for prime time, maybe others have worked well. I think for me, I may be wrong but the solution is a set of solutions, right? A way to reboot power on the basic infrastructure, have the boot process pretty robust and reliable. 

I see google remote desktop is being used - how about that in the picture somewhere? Then how about the commercial power strips with remote booting? Maybe we could drum up a Special Interest Group here, for folks wanting to use the DUO as the main radio?

73, Patrick KM5L - Dallas, TX - USA

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