Using SPF-08 with Elad Duo or S2

Clint Chron

Is anyone using a SPF-8 pre-selector with their Duo or S2?  If so, I wonder what version of SW-2 software you are using.  Also, are you able to use your Duo in a standalone mode with the SPF-08 without having to run the SW-2 software.  I have not done any testing with the SPI interface on the radios's DB9 for about two years.  Currently, I cannot see any SPI signals on pins 1, 3, & 8.  I do not know if my Duo's SPI interface is bad or if there is some other problem.  In reviewing the available docs, I am not sure I understand how the SPF-08 could work with a Duo in the stand-alone mode.  Obviously with the S2, you have to use the SW-2 software in order to use the receiver.


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