Re: ELAD Remote


Hi Charles,

I have also spent much time to get it up and running, with some mail-exchange with support, which has lead to some improvements in the EladRemote v.1.75.

The local SSB-qso's were made via a laptop with 1. internal mic, and 2. with a "gaming" headset with boom-mic. Got some complaints about my audio, clearly worst on lap-top-mic, but also on the gaming-mic.

And I agree, you can't get all displays available on the SW2 via EladRemote, only spectrum/waterfall and audio. And there are many ways of tuning many controls, especially when using a mouse with scroll-wheel.

Even when running inside a local network the delay/roundtriptime is quite noticeable.

But the v.175 is much easier to install than previous versions.

Why have a remotecontrolled SDR receiver:

manmade noise where you live,
and for the remote tx: better antenna possibilities.

I have both antenna and noise at home, but only noise at my vacation-qth, not unlimited antenna, but remarkably better than home.
On 80m SSB 2k5 the noise is at S9+, but using Elads NR level 2 without noticable NR-noise, it drops below S7, with SW2 even lower.

73 de

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