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Hello Mark, all,

IMO, your USB controller, within the laptop, is not capable enough to stand the 3 usb flows. The most demanding is the "Rx" (signal for the SW2 software). If I properly read the laptop description, you've got 1 USB 2.0 port and 2 USB 3.0 ports.

1st step : ensure The Rx usb is connected alone on one of the two USB 3.0 ports. The 2 others (CAT and Audio) are less critical. they can be connected either on USB2.0 or USB3.0.

If it still was not ok (it was not for me), you would have to get an external USB Hub. I tested several and found one powerful enough and HF resistant (does not go bersek when I push the pedal, you know...). So, I do recommend the Atolla USB 3.0 Hub with 4 ports + 1 charging port, with aluminium casing. No plastic. You have, obviously, to connect it to one of the USB 3.0 port of your laptop, and you can connect both 3 USB from the DUO on the hub ports. I even use the 4th port to connect an arduino. The arduino and the DUO are successfully sharing the 4 ports of this USB hub without any trouble. I don't use the external PSU of the hub. it is powered from the USB of the laptop. And last, I made several turns of the hub usb cord through a ferrite bead.

I don't catch why amazon make a 1 buck difference between the two models... they seem the same to me.

Hope that helps.
Best Regards, 73's, Alain F4HFS

Le 28/02/2020 à 03:02, Mark Gottlieb a écrit :
Good Evening All,

Just purchased a DELL Latitude 7270 i5 6th Gen Laptop with 8GB ram and a 2.4 GHZ chip.  I am getting the message "Not Enough USB Controllers to manage this device" which is popping up periodically.  I am only running SW2 software and WSJT-x.  It's a little surprising since I am also using a DELL Vue tablet, at times, to control the radio with no problems which is not as powerful as this laptop.  I do have all 3 cables plugged into the laptop.  Finally, I am not getting audio on WSJT-x or FLDIGI.  I have configured this software the same as the tablet in the audio config section for both software applications.  Any suggestions in which direction I should proceed to correct this?



Alain Reiner

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