Mark Gottlieb <kk2l@...>

Good Evening All,

Just purchased a DELL Latitude 7270 i5 6th Gen Laptop with 8GB ram and a 2.4 GHZ chip.  I am getting the message "Not Enough USB Controllers to manage this device" which is popping up periodically.  I am only running SW2 software and WSJT-x.  It's a little surprising since I am also using a DELL Vue tablet, at times, to control the radio with no problems which is not as powerful as this laptop.  I do have all 3 cables plugged into the laptop.  Finally, I am not getting audio on WSJT-x or FLDIGI.  I have configured this software the same as the tablet in the audio config section for both software applications.  Any suggestions in which direction I should proceed to correct this?



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