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Otso Ylönen

Jaguar currently supports only the Perseus. The makers of the software have said publicly that they are looking at possibilities of picking up another hardware in order to broaden the user base. Anyone interested to get ELAD supported, please contact the makers at
BR, Otso
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Von: "Dave - WA2011SWL" <davefrmn2019@...>
Betreff: Re: [EladSDR] Just got my FDM-S2
Hi Ron,
               I am using SDR Console but have found im getting a better FM signal on the ELAD FDM-S2 software then SDR Console. My radios are online there look for Monroe, New York. Which is the download URL I need to try Jaguar ?
I have other SDR radios SDR Play RX, Airspy HF+ maybe Jaguar supports them ?
Dave -

On 2/11/2020 7:39:51 AM, Ron Liekens <r.e.liekens@...> wrote:

Dave, may I advise using SDRconsole v3.20 to control the S2. I use a number of software to keep up with progress of their specifics. When using SDRconsole you have complete control over all things possible to get a clean reception of the wanted transmitter. It uses AM-sync with independent sideband BW control. Many ways to combat QRM. IQ recording and playback etc... For Broadcast FM reception there is also a very sensitive build in RDS with all details. Its a Swiss army knife amongst present SDR softwares and it is free. You can Always use PayPal to donate some dogfood or a beer to Simon ;-) 

You can use the loop to attenuate neighbouring strong broadcasters that compromise the weak signal you like to receive by nuling the unwanted transmitters. You can also use ECSS-L or ECSS-U to lock on to the wanted station and choose the cleaner side of this station with a variable bandwith etc... For me its the best program for serious MW-dx together with a good antenna. There is also Jaguar wich is the best MW-dx program on the Globe but it does not support the Elad radios because there is no driver available from Elad. I asked Elad this a number of years ago but never got an answer from the head office :-(

Good luck,
Ron - ON2RON

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