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OK, that doesn't sound like my fault at all. Mine was very specifically a regular audio dropout of fixed length.  Does the PTT stay enabled on the radio after it stops transmitting?

Are you using an amplifier or running barefoot (thinking about RF getting back into the DUO or PC perhaps?)

Are you using split (real or fake-it) in WSJT-X?  I have a different fault where sometimes the TX frequency doesn't flip back, and the radio drops down 500 or 1000Hz.  Seems to do it on real split or fake-it. Luckily, the DUO is so clean that I don't need to run split for low tones, unlike some radios out there!


On 10/02/2020 12:07, Mark Gottlieb wrote:
Hi Neil,

I just looked at my message and I want to be clear that I have used SDR radios for about 7 years now.  Now to the topic, when TX cuts off it doesn't come back.  It is a sudden and permanent stoppage TX.  I have to manually double click in the QSO window to get it going again.  I will try the upgrades, however, as suggested. No other components of the interface either Audio, Decoding, time sync or tone is being affected by this anomaly.

Thanks again

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