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Does the TX cutout last for about two seconds Mark? I had a problem on this PC and it was related to a specific USB card.  The audio on TX would stop for two seconds, then just carry on as normal.  PTT didn't drop, it was just the TX audio stopped.  It wasn't just WSJT-X that was affected.  If I generated a tone in Audacity and used that as the audio source, the same thing hapopened.  It happened at random intervals, from once every few minutes to maybe 3 times a minute.

The card was an after-market USB 3.0 four-port type.  If I moved all of the DUO connections to the motherboard USB2.0 ports, the problem went away.  I also found there is a memory leak which is related to the driver on that card. Over a week of operations, it can end up with 11GB of memory allocated, so I have to reboot or disable and re-enable the driver.

Have the USB drivers been updated by Windows Update?  Is there a BIOS upgrade available?  May be worth trying.

Neil G4DBN

On 10/02/2020 10:45, Mark Gottlieb wrote:
While relatively new, 3 months, to the FDM-DUO (and SDR)  I have used WSJT-X for several years.  I am now noticing a problem with TX in that it will cut off during TX intermittently.  No problem with audio or decoding.  I have used the same settings for the last two months, in WSJT-X, with no issues.   I am controlling PTT with CAT in the software.   This, of course, could have many causes.  I think I am narrowing it down to this particular computer (DELL VUE tablet  WIN10).  I am using all three cables when this occurs.  Assuming it might be the cable interface, which one of them should I unplug from the computer?


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