Re: BlueDuo interface..?

Michael Boudreaux

Hi Morris,

Thank you again for the Blue Duo Module. If you can clarify next procedure.  I Install the Blue Duo Software from Elad on my Android Table.  I then connect the Blue Duo Module to the Elad Transceiver. Is there any setting to be made on the software to see the duo? Any baud setting or other things? I am not really sure how to proceed with my Samsung Galaxy A Tablet. Looking forward to finally getting this working.  I am feeling better and looking to try this out. Kind Regards  Mike vk4sy  vk3xz

On 27/11/2019 05:10, g1pib via Groups.Io wrote:

Having now built my BlueDuo interface ..some of you maybe interested as I can build some more
for those who cannot or will not build.
I have attached photo of finished unit using HC-05 Module mounted in small black case....
I do not buy in bulk so the price is £20 incl post ( UK )
I construct a lot of gear for the local radio club if it helps I can build a few...
Payment is via a PayPal email address...
Do not expect speedy delivery as I have other things to build ..but you will get it.!
Obviously all tested on my amazing FDM-Duo..........
Hope this is helpful to some... Morris  G1PIB  in peaceful Somerset !

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