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Michael Boudreaux

Hi Neil thank you kindly for all. I have now made this change and indeed a certain local Broadcast station is easily hearable. So That proves to me it really works okay on FN 86 Megs with no change in setting for sw2. I will investigate your suggestion for more spectrum monitor. I now nee to Transfer to the Transvertor setup. All understood about necessary settings. So Receiving an FM station really has encouraged me and help to know I am heading in the right direction. The biggest help was doing a Total reset. some setting was wrong but I could not know which one I checked them but nothing seem obviously wrong. Thanks again maybe tomorrow I will have a try with the Transverter. 73 Mike vk4sy vk3xz

On 17/01/2020 09:20, Neil Smith G4DBN wrote:

To get extended coverage when running SW2, there is indeed a file you need to edit, changing the UnlockDUOt value to get extended coverage.  Details are in the manual:
  1. The factory default maximum frequency of the FDM-DUO is 54MHz. However, for experimental purposes, user can extend the frequency range up to 165MHz setting the FDM-DUO as follows : menu 2 “RX LP” on OFF and menu 33 “TX OUT” on 0dBm. But if the FDM-SW2 software is connected to the FDM- DUO it blocks the frequency at 55MHz. For experimental purposes, this limitation can be unlocked : close the FDM-SW2 software, go to the configuration files directory (“local drive”\Users\“your user name”\Documents\ELAD\FDM-SW2), open the FDMSW2SwSetup.xml file, search for the UnlockDUOt label and set it to ‘1’. Save and close the file, restart the FDM-SW2 software. If you are using profiles (see Signal Control Panel), there is a copy of the FDMSW2SwSetup.xml file in each “ProfileX” directory. If you created profiles before editing the main FDMSW2SwSetup.xml file, it will have the UnlockDUOt label set to ‘0’. If necessary edit the UnlockDUOt labels in these files too.

    When you are running SW2, you can use WBFM stereo, it should appear in the MODE drop-down selector.  Nothing else to do other than check that the bandwidth is wide enough. WBFM is not available in standalone.

    Now remember that the standalone mode of the DUO and the basic mode in SW2 only have 192kHz of available bandwidth 

    If you want to look at the whole of a 3MHz band *at the same time*, you will need to select something like the 3072kHz mode in Setup->Advanced. You can go up to 6144kHz wide, but you lose some resolution

    Menu 53 needs to be set to 2500 for 12.5kHz spacing, it is only relevant on transmit so has no effect on broadcast reception.

    You might want to change the contrast and gain of the waterfall by moving the top and bottom of the coloured slider at the left. I usually set the bottom edge to about the noise level, then set the top to maybe 50dB more, sometimes 20dB for very weak signal work.

    If the transverter needs you to transmit above 29.7MHz from the main output, you will have a problem as that is out of the band plan for 10m.  If it uses the 0dBm output like my transverters all do, then no problem. Receive will be fine on any frequency apart from the area around 122.88MHz as Andy’s notes on his website will show.

    Neil G4DBN

On 16 Jan 2020, at 22:56, Michael Boudreaux <vk3xz@...> wrote:

Here is the reply to your questions:

not seeing signals on WF but since reset I have not yet looked again. I do not know how to set the display 146 MHZ to 148 Mhz all on the same display?

FM mode indicator is definitely coming on. Menu 14 is ON.

I hear an increase in noise level when I connect the antenna. not yet check closely but will soon as I find a bit of time.

ok so the  Normal FM Repeater Channels are okay with NBFM setting at 12.5K   Would this be why the Commercial FM stations are distorted?

I have not yet found where how to modify SW2 to go above 54 MHZ . I saw it somewhere once maybe on sw2 pdf file. any suggestions? I will look at SW2 pdf later today.

I set Menu 53 to Maximum allowed 5000 I think in case this is helpful

I believe I am making progress. This entire drill is eventually focused on getting my 10 Meter Transvertor to work on FM Receive at least but I don't know if the transvertor is working it is new 28-31 Mhz  covering 145-148 MHz. The Transvertor supplier says it was completely tested all functions before shipping. I am inclined to believe he is telling the truth. I though I would prove the radio working first them move on to the Transvertor but it has been a real challenge so far. There exists no 10 M FM signals and I have no good way to generate a signal on 10FM low level. also can transmit 2m FM into dummy load and receive on dummy load that might be okay setting output to low 5 watts I think Yaesu FT8900. So this where I am I still have a few more things to follow up before this Saga ends. 73  Mike vk4sy

On 15/01/2020 21:32, Neil Smith G4DBN wrote:
Perhaps the NBFM bandwidth is set to match the tx bandwidth on menu 53?


On 15/01/2020 11:26, Neil Smith G4DBN wrote:
You don't need to run the software for NBFM, only for wideband. Do you get strong noise on NBFM when you connect the antenna?  Is the squelch (knob E1) set to off? Does the radio work OK in FM mode if you listen to a station at a lower frequency? OK, you won't get much output from an AM station, but you should hear the noise drop as the station is tuned in.

Is there anything on the waterfall in SW2 at the repeater frequency?

Is the "FM" mode indicator definitely coming on the DUO screen when you select that mode using the MODE button? (check menu 14 on the DUO is set to ON if not)

Do you see a signal on the DUO S meter when the repeater keys up?

The DUO when used with SW2 in FM mode can be set to any receive bandwidth up to about 25kHz.  In standalone, the NBFM mode bandwidth doesn't appear to be specified, but it works fine with our 12.5kHz channels

Neil G4DBN

On 15/01/2020 10:41, Mark Gottlieb wrote:
Good Morning All,

I did make the necessary adjustments in the software and tuned up to 145.390, which happens to be a strong repeater in this area, and I did not hear anything.  I was listening in FM.  I think I heard the repeater being keyed up but no other audio. Is it a narrow pass band at that frequency for the ELAD?</small></a>

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