Re: No Receive on 2 Meters using 0db mode and Antenna 1 #elad #fdm-duo #fdm-s2

Michael Boudreaux

Hi This is an interesting thought. I wonder if Elad could comment if this is how it works.  I Reset to factory and now can hear normal radio stations on FM but on FM they sound distorted like off frequency and I cannot tune them in . I can with great difficulty hear what they are saying but have not yet identified the station call sign. I also need to learn how to setup wide band receive on sw2.  I have sw2 working on the transceiver but I am a Newbie on using it. I know it has very powerful features but this operator the Brain behind it is very old and not working well with new ideas. Is there a Elad for dummies to use wide-=band on FM ! Thanks for all the excellent assistance so far. 73 Mike VK4XZ

On 15/01/2020 21:32, Neil Smith G4DBN wrote:
Perhaps the NBFM bandwidth is set to match the tx bandwidth on menu 53?


On 15/01/2020 11:26, Neil Smith G4DBN wrote:
You don't need to run the software for NBFM, only for wideband. Do you get strong noise on NBFM when you connect the antenna?  Is the squelch (knob E1) set to off? Does the radio work OK in FM mode if you listen to a station at a lower frequency? OK, you won't get much output from an AM station, but you should hear the noise drop as the station is tuned in.

Is there anything on the waterfall in SW2 at the repeater frequency?

Is the "FM" mode indicator definitely coming on the DUO screen when you select that mode using the MODE button? (check menu 14 on the DUO is set to ON if not)

Do you see a signal on the DUO S meter when the repeater keys up?

The DUO when used with SW2 in FM mode can be set to any receive bandwidth up to about 25kHz.  In standalone, the NBFM mode bandwidth doesn't appear to be specified, but it works fine with our 12.5kHz channels

Neil G4DBN

On 15/01/2020 10:41, Mark Gottlieb wrote:
Good Morning All,

I did make the necessary adjustments in the software and tuned up to 145.390, which happens to be a strong repeater in this area, and I did not hear anything.  I was listening in FM.  I think I heard the repeater being keyed up but no other audio. Is it a narrow pass band at that frequency for the ELAD?</small></a>

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