Re: No Receive on 2 Meters using 0db mode and Antenna 1 #elad #fdm-duo #fdm-s2

Michael Boudreaux

Hi Duncan,

Wow that is exactly what I needed! Awesome. I am not sure why Google never located it. Thank you. Very much to consider. I also had some other issue with the Elad but I did a Full Reset and the radio is now working as I would expect it too. It is a secod hand radio and I failed to do the obvious and start from the begging. This provide info will help greatly. Thank you and 73 Mike VK4SY

On 17/01/2020 06:41, Duncan wrote:
Hi Michael,

Have a look at:

and in particular:


In message <>, Michael Boudreaux <> writes
Hi all,
I have been trying to receive a 2 meter repeater on 146.400 MHz I have a
big signal on my Yaesu but cannot hear even a squeak out of the Elad.  I
an using FM Mode on my Duo and 0 db setting LP filter off with all the
latest software and firmware updates. I have set the filter to Wide as well.
I have a diamond 300 vertical. Also I cannot even hear the local FM radio
station. Any advice or help would be appreciated. What am I doing
wrong/how to make FM reception work?How to check that it is working I
have very limited test equipment. I thought it strange the local fM Radio
stations cannot be heard! Please give advice. Thank you Mike VK4SY

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