Re: No Receive on 2 Meters using 0db mode and Antenna 1 #elad #fdm-duo #fdm-s2

Michael Boudreaux

Hi I am following this an experiencing the very same issues. Mike vk4sy

On 15/01/2020 22:00, John Fell wrote:
You probably need around 35dB of RX gain in front of the Elad , including a low noise first stage , to get 144MHZ to "normal" sensitivity .
I use my Duo on 144MHZ and have built a 3 stage BPF with approx 2dB through loss and find it works well in the "extended higher frequency range" .


On Wed, 15 Jan 2020 at 10:41, Mark Gottlieb <kk2l@...> wrote:
Good Morning All,

I did make the necessary adjustments in the software and tuned up to 145.390, which happens to be a strong repeater in this area, and I did not hear anything.  I was listening in FM.  I think I heard the repeater being keyed up but no other audio.  Is it a narrow pass band at that frequency for the ELAD?



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Hi Mike and Mark, remember that the effective noise figure of the DUO at 144MHz is *very* poor because of the maths with a sampling rate of 122.88MHz, but you should be able to hear a strong repeater. Other than setting the LPF off and setting TX OUT to 0dBm and switching to Antenna 1, and turning off the attenautor, I don't think there is anything else to do.  I just tried on my spare DUO and I can hear a locally-generated CW or AM signal on the FM broadcast band, and a weak NBFM signal from my signal generator with those settings.

You can't receive wideband FM in standalone though, that needs SW2, and you have to amend the UnlockDUOt setting in the config files so SW2 will tune past 54MHz.

Neil G4DBN

On 14/01/2020 23:31, Mark Gottlieb wrote:
> I'm glad someone brought this up.  I will be testing noise floor
> adjacent to solar installation to test viability of putting solar
> panels at our club.  We have some big EME operators and they would not
> appreciate to have that clarified.

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