Re: No Receive on 2 Meters using 0db mode and Antenna 1 #elad #fdm-duo #fdm-s2

Michael Boudreaux

Wow Thank you,

I did not know about wide Band not available on stand alone. That's good to know. My 20 dollar RTL dongle works  as it receives Normal fM stations  The Elad hears absolutely nothing not a Mark of a signal. I will try my other Elad later and see if it is the same Another problem I have is relating to FM Mode and my Transverter for 2Meters 70cm. I receive nothing on the transverter at all when converted down. The Transverter outputs 15 watts of power but I cannot verify on what frequency although it reads ok on the VHF UHF Watt Meter.  I am suspecting an issue with the Elad SDR Duo and FM mode. I think I will try the Transverter on the FTDX1200 and see if it will work as I have a problem but so far cannot isolate the issue. I have 2 FDM Duo and a Yaesu FTDX1200 1 Transverter 1 2 meter 70cm antenna and a vhf dummy load with meters to suit.  THE fdm duo works on HF as far as I know but that is SSB  not FM.  Maybe I will abandon the Elad although it should work on 10 Meters but it does not for some reason yet unknown. I need advice how to move forward on this issue.  I don't think the attenuator is on but I will check on that.  are the repeaters receivable on Narrow Band standalone?  I have not installed sw2 but I can if that might help the situation. It might be good to see a signal on the sw2 display. I am struggling for many days with this it is a challenge. ok I will try to unlock the config file I read it somewhere on this group messages.  i will try and generate a signal with my other Duo as well. I would have thought I could receive normal FM station the Ceap dongle does. I will keep trying. 73 Mike vk4sy

On 15/01/2020 10:01, Neil Smith G4DBN wrote:
Hi Mika dn Mark, remember that the effective noise figure of the DUO at 144MHz is *very* poor because of the maths with a sampling rate of 122.88MHz, but you should be able to hear a strong repeater. Other than setting the LPF off and setting TX OUT to 0dBm and switching to Antenna 1, and turning off the attenautor, I don't think there is anything else to do.  I just tried on my spare DUO and I can hear a locally-generated CW or AM signal on the FM broadcast band, and a weak NBFM signal from my signal generator with those settings.

You can't receive wideband FM in standalone though, that needs SW2, and you have to amend the UnlockDUOt setting in the config files so SW2 will tune past 54MHz.

Neil G4DBN

On 14/01/2020 23:31, Mark Gottlieb wrote:
I'm glad someone brought this up.  I will be testing noise floor adjacent to solar installation to test viability of putting solar panels at our club.  We have some big EME operators and they would not appreciate to have that clarified.

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