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From what I understand, you can transmit then stand alone, but to enter then you need a computer.  Enter then as I described or enter then as part of a CAT command. 


The message number is set with menu 46.  The message can be sent using a long hold on F4 or F5 if the send message function has been set for those buttons with menu number 62 for F$ or 63 for F5.


Good luck.  From other post, I don’t know of any way to input to the message memories except by computer.


Peter WA7MOX


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Many thanks dear friends for kind help.

But is possible to record CW messages using Trx as stand alone ?


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You can also use a CAT command to define a message and play it.  See the CM command in the manual.

Neil G4DBN

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This is what I did to enter a cw message in the Duo. 

  1. Open FDM-SW2
  2. Upper left button (FDM-DUO) opens the Dluo Stand Alone Control.
  3. Bottom center Button (FDM-DUO Manager) Open access to Manager. Press Start button if comm port and baudrate are correct. 
  4. After data loads another window opens, then click on CW Messages Tab. 
  5. Cursor to desired message number and type your message.
  6. Remember to save it.
  7. Restart (reboot NOT needed) FDM-SW2


I hoe this helps


Peter WA7MOX


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Hello Friends

Firstly I wish you and yours a very Happy New Year


I should to use my FMDUO on my EME system but I don’t see anythink into the user manual

About « how to record CW messages Nr1 to Nr 10 !

Many thanks for kind help.


Kindest regards

Guy F2CT





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