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Hello Alain,


I have HRD already configured as you describe here.  The TX button, in the radio section, in DM780 will key up the radio if I manually apply it.  My problem is that when I am attempting to send a macro the radio will not go in TX.  I have attempted to set up with both HRD and Mini-Deluxe 2.1, which takes less processing, and I have achieved the same results in that the radio will not go into TX unless I manually apply the button.    I am getting the exact same results with the ELAD and with my FLEX 6400.  BTW, I have been using HRD since 2014.   Thank-you for offering your assistance.







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Hello Mark, all,

Let's begin by the obvious. I'm using only the CAT command for PTT.

1) DUO
- the PTT setup : I've set it at IN + RTS because I use the RTS with wsjtx for the FT8. So for my using DM780, IN alone is enough.
- CAT BitRate : 9600 b/s, so I can use my DUO with MMSSTV. You may put whatever bitrate you want, but you have to set the HRD connection accordingly, of course. Sorry for the (very) obvious.

2) the CAT connection with HRD

HRD connection

NB : As DM780 needs the logbook to properly work, I don't launch automatically DM780 at HRD startup. The logbook is quite long to launch. HRD Rig control launches first, then the log book. Once the logbook is opened and stable, I launch DM780 from the logbook window.

3) HRD Program options

HRD program options

4) DM780 program options

DM780 program options

NB : take care to connect DM780 to HRD. You must do it at least once. Then it is kept up.

All that is quite obvious. I don't expect you missed any of them. The real trick is the next one. I bet you missed this one :-).

5) DM780 (hidden) TX button

to show the tx button (green ellipse), you have to click on the "Radio" button (red circle). This is only for using it manually. With the DUO turned on, HRD connected, DM780 connected to HRD, try and click on the TX button. If the DUO don't transmit, that's it !

To program the TX button, you have to click on the configuration button (blue circle). Then you click on TX in the new "Configure Radio Pane" and you may chose the action associated with the TX button. Personally, I've trivially chosen the TX button to turn the DUO in transmission (TX). I know, it's very common... I like it this way. Please, don't ask me why they've done that, ok ?

The real trick is that there is no default programming in this button. When you install a new TRX connection, DM780 will prompt you for programming the TX button, only once. If you missed it the first time, there won't be a second time.

DM780 TX Button

Let me know your results. If none of this worked, we would see what to do next.

Alain F4HFS

Le 05/01/2020 à 22:18, Mark Gottlieb a écrit :

Hello Alain,

I am still having the same issue.  It is exactly the same for my FLEX 6400 and my ELAD FM DUO so it must be something simple that I am not doing to enable PTT using these radios.  I am able to manually click on TX, in the radio section of HRD, and both radios will go into TX mode.  In addition, I have full audio capability in terms of decoding and I do have rig control, for both radios, where I can switch bands, increase volume, etc. from HRD.

Please advise.



Alain Reiner

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