Re: external speaker for pc sw2

Otso Ylönen

I find a good PC-based audio application to be of great assistance in conjunction with SW2. I went through a few of these several years ago and I sellted with a "Digital Audio Workstation" caller Reaper. Like most similar apps, it has different tools for adjusting the audio for your liking, and the kind of headphones (or speakers) you use.  An example with a graphical equalizer in the attachedimage.
Another great feature of Reaper is the possibility to make notes in real time when listening to radio. I record the best bits from wideband (IQ) files made with FDM-S2 with the Reaper, and have them positioned on a time scale so that I can just click on the notes to play them back.
BR, otso
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 02. Januar 2020 um 17:39 Uhr

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Betreff: [EladSDR] external speaker for pc sw2
Hi looking advice im currently using a creative muvo2 bluetooth speaker to pipe audio to from sw2 but it is quiet bassey and the bandwidth is no doubt more suited to music however i do monitor mw and sw stations, i find i struggle when they talk which the key part i need to id stations, would running the sp1a into pc with the dsp be worth a try or is their a good speaker that compliments sdr and pc use?

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