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Happy New Year All,

I have used HRD for the last 5 years.  This experience, with the software, has been with my ANAN and FLEX radios  I have set it up, for my ELAD FM DUO, as a TS480 using the dedicated Port from the radio and 38.  I have no problem with audio/decode and I am able to set up the HRD radio to TX when I press that button.  I also have rig control for all settings and am able to change bands etc using HRD.  However, when I attempt to send a signal on DM780, the radio is not keying up.  I do have the PTT, in Program Options, set for HRD connection.  This has usually been enough, in my past experience, to get it going.  Am I missing something?  I am using Win10 and all other features of HRD are operational relating the FM DUO.


Mark KK2L

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