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Otso Ylönen

Thanks Bill for your reply. You may be correct. I remember deleting old recordings one day during recording, as a result of another application warning about low disk space. It is likely this happened at the same time. 

I am used to get a low disk space warning from SW2 when I start recording; this has reminded me to delete old files. Failure to do so has led to SW2 stopping its recording when the disk is full. Now the behaviour was different.

BR, Otso

Bill Nollman <billct97@...> kirjoitti 28.12.2019 kello 20.14:

Otso, that is almost exactly what it looks like when you are out of disk space. But I suppose you have already checked that?



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I had a nasty case of IQ recording failing on the fifth file. I was recording medium waves with the 1,536 MHz bandwidth with FDM-S2. This has never happened to me before. There has been the occasional failure to start recording, yielding a 0kb file. That however, is possible to be spotted as the Rec indicator does not light up. This one cannot be seen at all before trying to play back the recording.


Note that while files 004 and 007 are just 1kB in size, the two in between are considerably larger. All of them show correct stop times in their header.


I do not expect I can recover these files. However, I really would like to avoid this in the future. Any ideas about the cause?


BR, Otso

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