Re: Microphone options

Mike Penkas

On 12/27/2019 1:26 PM, Mark Gottlieb wrote:

FB.  It looks like there is an adaptor (OPC-589), from ICOM, that goes from 8 pin modular to 8 pin male adaptor that is available.  This would allow me to use a variety of ICOM mics.  Of course, assuming that most ICOM mics are electret type with bias?  Just as an example, would my handheld from my IC-9100 work with the FM DUO using the adaptor?










I built a adapter from one end of a short 8 pin network cable and a 8 pin male connector.

I have a whole box of Icom mics and I tried a HM12, HM23, HM36, HM151, HM154T, HM198 and even a SM6. 

They all worked with the ELAD.  The best one I have tried and am using now is the HM103 that came with my old IC706MKIIG.

It has the best sounding audio and output.  Also tried a PR-40 and RE27 N/D which were excellent thru W2IHY gear or a Symetrix

528E voice processor.


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