Re: Microphone options

Neil Smith G4DBN

Hi Mark, it's an Icom standard connection, electret with bias.  I use a Heil headset, and you can get an Icom-style insert, but I use a dynamic HC-5 with +12dB boost and Compression 8 on the DUO menus, and a 5uF blocking capacitor on the insert,  I take the PTT out to a footswitch.  Any Icom-compatible electret mic should work. 

Neil G4DBN

On 27/12/2019 16:17, Mark Gottlieb wrote:
Hi Everybody,

Expecting my new FM DUO today and was thinking about alternative microphone to the OEM included with the radio. I saw it in a video that this rig is ICOM compliant.  I think it was a ARRL introduction “lab” presentation   However, the CAT 5 input has me confused.  If anything, I would think this is a Yaesu friendly radio in terms of microphone.  Any advice on this?


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