Re: sw2 wont open

Neil Smith G4DBN

Hi Declan, uninstall rarely fixes anything.  Try deleting the entire contents of c:\users\<username>\Documents\ELAD\FDM-SW2 and restart SW2.

If that doesn't work, check the firmware version reported on Menu 84 and list them on here, along with the operating system and version of SW2 you are using please.  For instance, my setup is using:

UI 4.87
RX 1.50
TX 1.35
USB 4.09
FPGA 2.00

SW2 version 3.019 on Windows 10 v1903

Not sure if those are current, the detail is on the website, along with the latest manuals.

Once you have it working, iut is a great idea to take regular copies of that FDM-SW2 folder and subfolders (apart from Recordings) and keep the copy safe so you can restore and not lose any of your custom settings.

Neil G4DBN

On 05/12/2019 17:09, Declan Mayock via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi all new user just got my fdm duor yesterday installed sw2 and it was working last night, today when i double click it brings up the black box loading then dissapears and nothing, i did an uninstal/reinstall same issue? tried a search for similar issues but found none
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