Re: System Format Exception

Neil Smith G4DBN

Hi Boudewijn, that looks like a corrupt entry in one of your configuration files.  Simplest solution is to remove all files of type .xml from the C:\Users\<username>\Documents\ELAD\FDM-SW2 folder and restart SW2.  Removing the program almost never solves any problems.

If you have any customisations, they will be lost though.

You could try just deleting or moving the FDMSW2Bands.xml and FDMSW2BandsRX1.xml then restart SW2.  If that does not fix it, remove all of these files (with your serial number after the underscore)

You can simply move them to another folder.  When SW2 starts, it will rebuild them.  Just remember that you will lsoe any special bands configuration.

To keep yourself safe from this type of problem in the future, you can back up the entire contents of the FDM-SW2 folder regularly (apart from the Recordings folder, whcih can get very large).

I use the FileHistory in Windows to back up to an external NAS file store and take manual copies to a USB memory stick every month.

If those steps don't fix it, delete the entire contents of the FDM-SW2 folder and start SW2.

Good luck.

Neil G4DBN

On 24/11/2019 21:42, Boudewijn de Best wrote:
When I start FDM-SW2 software (latest version) I get the following error:

************** text of exeption **************
System.FormatException: The format of the input string is incorrect

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