Re: ADC Clip when Transmitting


Can confirm that the red ADC clip indicator comes up on my SW2 PC display when transmitting on my FDM-DUO.  I’ve had my FDM-DUO for around 4 years, but didn’t notice anything until May, when I’d hardly used it for 2 years because I’d being using an IC7300.  

Sole rig is now FDM-DUO + ART120.

I’m clearly not very observant, because I didn’t notice that the PK indicator was also flashing until Jim reported it!

Both indicators are suppressed on transmit if the receive Attenuator is active.  Indicators do not come up on receive whether or not attenuator active.  Short, screened usb leads in use and all leads have clip on ferrites.

David.   G8IIC

On 21 Nov 2019, at 15:11, Thomas McQuiggan <m7mcqio83ro@...> wrote:

Hi Jim, it's strange that you should post this message, because I was JUST about to post the same question! When I transmit (FDM DUO & DUO-ART), I see the PK light come on and it stays on for a few seconds after I stop transmitting. No idea why.

Tom - M7MCQ

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