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Thanks for your response.

This is what I did with my old Win 7 pc in May with v3.019, except I altered the 2m band settings instead of FM broadcast.

I’d assumed as I’d got two blank buttons (2 bands not enabled - 2m and FM broadcast) I might be able to create another band in the Tuning Tab for 60m.  Further, I’d (mis?)read Paul’s response to mean I could, hence my response to Paul’s input.

I’ll change FM broadcast to 60m as you suggest, as that’s probably more sensible than changing 2m even though I currently have no interest in 2m capability on the FDM DUO.

Thanks again,


On 20 Nov 2019, at 19:29, Neil Smith G4DBN <neil@...> wrote:

This is how I did it on my SW2:

It was like this:


so I found a setting I didn't need (FM broadcast) and edited that using double clicks and enabled it


so it looked like this:


That made my band selection p;anel look like this:


so then I moved the new entry up the list:


then hit apply, and my band select panel looked like this:


There are only sixteen slots in there, so you can't just add one.

Neil G4DBN

On 20/11/2019 09:01, David via Groups.Io wrote:
Thanks Paul.

No problem extending band limits - I’ve done it before (see earlier in thread).  Problem is, naively no doubt, I can’t see how to add a band to the Setup Tuning Tab.

A link on how to do that would be much appreciated.  Searched a few days ago and failed to find anything.

Does adding a band automatically create a new Preset Tuning Button in the relevant panel?

As you’ll see from earlier in the thread I was contemplating just altering a non-used band (144Mhz) in Tuning Tab to make it 60m.  Just looked on very old Win7 laptop (when I eventually persuaded it to boot up(!) - another reason for the new laptop) and it looks as though that’s what I did in May.

Obviously, I’d much rather just add 60m.

Any words of wisdom would be welcome.

David.  G8IIC
On 20 Nov 2019, at 02:59, Paul Jones <support@...> wrote:


If the radio is transmitting, then the band plan us ok, just add the 60m manually into the setup tuning tab using the UK limits and you should be good to go... my 3.029 does not have the 60m band installed, I’ve added several bands in my sw2 for shortwave listening. 

Paul EladUSA 
On Nov 17, 2019, at 16:05, David via Groups.Io <david.g8iic@...> wrote:

Still no luck. Should have headed this topic installing 60m for SW2, I think.

Can transmit on a permitted frequency on 60m band.  No “out of band” message on DUO, but band extremities not shown on SW2 spectrum display on 60m when I connect PC rather than using it standalone.  Fine on other bands.

No 60m band showing in “Set up” “Tuning tab” in SW2 display.  No 60m  button in “Preset Buttons Panel”.  Tried to install GB+60m BandPlan again but PC tells me it’s already been updated.

SW2 v3.027 was installed as first set up on brand new PC after first double checking I already had latest firmware on DUO. USB driver (still v3.0.0.0?) installed, USB sound card set up and FTDI FR232R serial port driver installed as in user manual.

I ran an earlier version of SW2 on a Win7 laptop from 2016 (no 60m as I recall back then), updating the firmware in May’19 and installing v3.019. I did then have an issue with 60m in that I had to expand the band limits to cover all the UK frequencies as I recollect things, but there was a preset button and the band was there in the Set up  Tuning tab.

I guess I could try installing another national BandPlan in the morning.....

Any suggestions welcomed.

David   G8IIC
On 16 Nov 2019, at 20:34, David <david.g8iic@...> wrote:

Will do - thanks

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On 16 Nov 2019, at 20:11, Neil Smith G4DBN <neil@...> wrote:
The bandplan ONLY affects the DUO, so just try a standalone TXwihtout the ART120 and with SW2 off and see if you get an out of band error before you do anything else drastic.


On 16/11/2019 19:43, David via Groups.Io wrote:

Thanks for your response.  Haven’t tried transmitting on 60, though did put a brief CQ call out on 40 via my ART120 - no response but Meters/display suggest that worked.

I actually tried to install the German version as well, but that failed to install too.

Will try standalone transmission on 60 when the band is open tomorrow.

I had problems with the BandPlan installation back in May on my old Win7 pc.  I think I then ended up installing the German version and extending the band limits, can’t really remember - probably age getting the better of my memory! That was with SW2 ver3_019. I think I did  have 60m in the Tuning tab then, just the wrong band limits.  This time there’s no 60 m band at all, not in the Tuning tab in Setup nor on RH side of the screen.

Considering going to Set up/ Tuning and changing 144Mhz or FM broadcast in the Tuning tab to 5Mhz. Not sure if I can create a new band any other way if I can’t install a BandPlan update.

All the firmware is up to date.

On 16 Nov 2019, at 18:44, Neil Smith G4DBN <neil@...> wrote:

Hi David, can you transmit OK on the DUO in standalone mode on a permitted frequency in the 60m band? Hard to see how a new software installation would affect the bandplan in the DUO.  Usual fix is to install a *different* bandplan, then reinstall the original, but test it first without SW2 running as it could just be the settings in SW2.  Check the Tuning tab in Setup to make sure the line in the table for 60m is correct.

Neil G4DBN

On 16/11/2019 18:34, David via Groups.Io wrote:
Just acquired a new Windows 10 laptop.  Installed FDM SW2 v 3_027 and drivers without any apparent problems, but 60m completely missing from installation which I guess is probably normal.

Downloaded Bandplan, GB+60m ver2.1, April 9 2019 and tried to install it without any luck, tried again and told me it had already been installed.

I carried out the follwing procedure:
- Downloaded file and unzipped it
- Connected PC to DUO CAT port
- Switched on DUO and put it in Service Mode
- Launched .EXE file and followed on-screen instructions, seemed to install
- Restarted DUO as instructed.
-No sign of 60m band when I re-started DUO and launched SW2 with other USB leads connected.

Tried again and was told bandplan was already installed.

Any advice would be welcomed.


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