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Otso Ylönen

Even though your PC should be more than capable to handle the wider bandwidths, this sounds like a resource issue. Does it happen both when monitoring live audio from the FDM-S2 and when listening to a recorded RF file?
Two possible sources of problems:
- It could be something related to audio drivers. If you have access to a USB audio card, you could try to compare results with that.
- It could be caused by strain on the USB controller handling the FDM-S2. I start to experience similar distorsion if I connect many devices to the same controller. Note: many laptops only have one controller even if they have several USB ports.
BR, Otso
Gesendet: Sonntag, 17. November 2019 um 07:44 Uhr
Von: "Shinya" <doruma@...>
Betreff: [EladSDR] FDM-S2 problem
I have a problem with my FDM-S2.
FDM-SW2 Setup → Advanced → Device Configuration;
When bandwidth is set to 1536kHz, 3072kHz, 6144kHz,
The sound will be distorted.
If it is 768kHz or less, there is no problem.
I'm worried because I don't know the cause.
I would like your advice.
FDM-SW2 Version.3.027
PC: Intel Core i7-7500U CPU@2.70GHz 64bit
RAM 16.0GB
Windows 10 HOME

Shinya Hasegawa / JS1BXH
Yokohama, Japan

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