Re: New Antenna Takes My FDM-S2 Over the Top

Neil Smith G4DBN

Hi Bill, try adjusting the top and bottom of the slider at the left until you get a nice dark blue on band noise and a decent contrast on band signals I run mine with very tight limits for 10GHz weak signal DXing, but try tweaking them about until you get the colour range and contrast that feels right..

Neil G4DBN

On 15/11/2019 22:09, Bill Alpert wrote:
So far my new G5RV Jr. wire antenna seems to be getting out just fine. Reception reports are excellent. I'm transmitting @75 watts on my Icom 7300.

But... the signal level hitting the receiver seems to have gone up a lot. It's inconclusive if this will affect my S/N ratio. However my FDM S2 pan adapter background has gone from blue to strong yellow. (SEE PHOTO BELOW) Even with the attenuator switched on.
If I switch on Attenuator and Noise Blanker both, it seems to help bring things down a bit. 

Are there any other settings I can use to bring down the RF gain and "get back into the blue" zone?? 

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