Re: FT8 and splatter

Neil Smith G4DBN

That post needs an update.  Since 2.1, the FT8 tones are generated using  a Gaussian frequency shift keying, so the sidebands no longer look like that.  The skirts of the specrum are hugely improved.  I gave a lecture at the 2018 RSGB Convention and then the same talk had an urgent reprise at the 2019 Convention when another speaker was taken ill, but I didn't have time to update those slides.  The improvement is HUGE.

Of course it should never have been released with abrupt changes of frequency in the first place, but now it uses GFSK, the bandwidth usage is so much better.

Neil G4DBN

On 14/11/2019 21:31, KF4VAR wrote:
I discovered this article and found it interesting---G4DBN  used an FDM Duo  for testing....thought I would share this...

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