Re: Audio delayed after PTT

Neil Smith G4DBN

Do you get the same issue with other digimode programs like FLDigi (with RigCAT or Hamlib  option)?

Is the delay on the advanced tab in WSJT-X set to 0.2s or so? (Guess it is OK as it works fine on the speakers). Does it make any difference if you use CAT (using the FDM-DUO hamlib entry) or serial port PTT?

Does the delay change after a reboot (wondering about clock sync issues)?

Which version of WSJT-X?

Neil G4DBN

On 12/11/2019 15:40, Antony Watts via Groups.Io wrote:
I have a weird problem

1. Using WSJT-X on iMac (10.14)
2. All set up and CAT & PTT work
3. But, on TUNE or replayto CQ their is a long delay between FDM-DUO switching to TX (PTT) and audio coming through. Somuch so that I cannot send a CQ - it starts only when the "bar" is 1/3rd across. And I cannot answer staitons calling CQ for the same reason.

Any ideas? Have gone through all FDM.DUO menus, have read the manual, have checked that audio does get generated immidiately from WJT - by directing output to iMac internal speakers.

I'm baffled
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