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Neil Smith G4DBN

With refurbished 8GB W10 laptops on ebay for £120, I just buy a new one now and then. OK, you might not get a camera or USB 3.0, the batteries might not last long, and the really cheap ones often have unknown BIOS passwords, but at that price they are almost disposable.  My portable SW2 setup is running on a 4GB machine I bought for £85.  CPU hits 30% at times, compared wiht the shack i7 PC at under 2%, and I can run WSJT-X and Airscout and a contest logger and KST without any problems.

Neil G4DBN

On 11/11/2019 13:44, David via Groups.Io wrote:
Thanks. All your comments noted.  Forgot to say that I am running Avast AV software on the Sony, in case anyone wondered what I’m up to!


David. G8IIC

On 11 Nov 2019, at 13:29, Marc Pilotte <wb9dbd@...> wrote:

While assisting Franco in our ELAD booth several years back at the first Xenia/Dayton hamfest....their was a used computer dealer, Erik from Select Computer Resources selling many older, but adequate, DELL, and other computers. I asked Franco to pick one out that would work w/my DUO. His pick was smolders DELL w/an i5 chip and 4 gb of RAM, and windows 7.  He took it back to his room and set it up for me and loaded the most current version of SW2 software. He brought it back the next day and advised me it ran fine on 4 gb of RAM. I later insty4 additional gb of RAM, and switched out the old HD with a SSD. Then I made a grave mistake. I deleted the windows 7 and put in 10. BIG MISTAKE!! I can’t run WSPR 

Here’s the best part. I just called Erik and he told me he would convert the system back to windows 7, AND put all the current info back on it. Not only that... he will load the old drive with all the info on it so it will be a 100% back up. Cost? <$50.00! if you need a computer to run your ELAD equipment, look no further than Erik! He WILL treat you right!
de WB9DBD 
Marc, Franklin, GA.
Ps.. I am not worried about the no update crap for 7.. I’m planning on te-installing eSET to take care of protection. window 10....👎🏻👎🏻

On Mon, Nov 11, 2019 at 8:12 AM David via Groups.Io <> wrote:
Currently running an FDM-DUO (and DUO-ART 120) with a 10-year old Sony laptop. No digital modes at present.  Laptop has Pentium T4200 processor and Mobile Intel 4500MHD graphics card and I have had no problems running SW2 software.
With the impending ending of support for Windows 7, I'm intending to buy a new Windows laptop - purely to use in the "shack", which is the house cellar (basement).  I use Macs for all non-ham activities and they are not in the cellar - the only other software run on the cellar laptop is Firefox.  I do not intend to buy a Mac and use Parallels for the shack.

What are the minimum system requirements for a PC for FDM-SW2?  I appreciate that some people run quite sophisticated machines, but I was thinking of just 4GB of RAM with 64-bit Windows 10  and a 128GB SSD.  Any comments on processor?  Any advice welcomed.

Thanks in anticipation.

David  G8IIC
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