Re: HELP!!!!!! FDM-DUO & DUO-ART sounds muted #duo-art

Klaus Brosche, DK3QN <dk3qn@...>


You keep going complaining here and you've got lots of advice from fellow hams in this forum
re. their suggestions in order to locate the root cause.

BUT you (almost) never respond to these suggestions and whether you have followed-up on
these and what the result finally was.

IMHO, reading and dealing with your posts here is just a pure waste of time. Sorry to say!

Sort it out with ELAD directly. IF something is wrong with your particular unit, they are the
ones who have the deepest knowledge about what might be wrong with your particular unit.

Klaus, DK3QN

Am 09.11.2019 um 23:46 schrieb Thomas McQuiggan:

PAUL JONES (Head if Technical Support for ELAD) contacted me and suggested the problem is more than likely caused by the FDM DUO firmware not being up to date. I’ll update it in the morning and report back 😊

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