Re: Windows 10 SW2 Audio Output

Neil Smith G4DBN

That doesn’t sound quite like a driver issue Charlie, the SW2 software should be configured to use the default sound card for output. Doing an upgrade usually messes with the order of the audio devices. If you can get things like Youtube to play audio, then you need to have a close look at the settings in SW2. Sadly, I am a long way from my DUO at present, and using a MacBook, but check the audio tab in Setup and see if you have Use Soundcard Audio Out selected, and the the Main Output Device is the right one for your speakers. If there is more than one option that could be the speakers, try each of them in turn.

Volume gain multiplier should probably be OK set to 1.

Also make sure that the Mute VRX not selected is not ticked.

If everything else is playing OK through the speakers but SW2 is not, open the AF sub window and make sure you are seeing audio there.

The other fault which affects Windows 10 is that Microphone permissions issue, but I don’t think that is what is wrong here.  Have a look back through the forum posts about Permissions just to be sure.

Good luck.
Neil G4DBN

On 9 Nov 2019, at 01:33, Charles Ristorcelli <nn3vham@...> wrote:

I upgraded ( ?? ) my Windows software to Windows10.

I am unable to hear the ELAD FDM DUO Sound output on my computer speakers.

When I look at Windows device manager I see the three main drivers identities for the DUO: ELAD SAMPLERS, the Com Port is identified and recognized, and the FDM SOUN CARD V1.4.

When I boot SW2 all controls operate normally. I can do any operation associated with the DUO and see the proper results.

But I CAN'T get the FDM DUO sound to be output through the computer speakers. I only hear the sound through the FDM DUO internal speaker, or the auxiliary and headphone outlets.

Any help out there? I hear a lot of talk  about Windows 10 driver problems, but so far am unable to find verifiable info on how to resolve this.

73 de NN3V
73 de NN3V

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