Re: The inner workings of the DUOr SW2 AGC


Dear Vianney,

There are several SDR:s that are presented as direct sampling receivers, still they are employing a rather complex AD-conversion strategy with dynamic feedback. This feedback also acts as AGC in at least one implementation, hence my question. Not all receivers act as a simple linear black box between the antenna input and the resulting IQ stream. There is a lot more going on under the hood, as you surely appreciate. The devices that do employ a kind of "digital MF" are also "direct sampling", at least according to the marketing team of those companies.

Maybe this is privileged information. Perhaps it has never been released in public. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that my question on AGC is relevant based on competing strategies used in the marketplace for one or two very recent SDR;s available today. If some models are "more direct than others" in their sampling we should talk about it in this forum, irrespective of my original AGC question.

If you know for a fact that the ELAD AGC is implemented very late in the signal chain, all is fine, but please do not dismiss the subject as trivial, because it is not.

All the best!
Anders H.

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